Photos: Aaron Hobson’s Google Street Views

November 20, 2011 by Dave McClintock | 0 comments

Check out Aaron Hobson’s brilliant portfolio of Google Street View shots taken around the world, in “enchanted and remote lands” typically only seen by locals.  Such a great idea! (h/t thenextweb.)


Check out the full collection of photos on Aaron’s site. (via Photos Taken by Google Street View Cameras)

November 5, 2011
by Dave McClintock

Fred Lebow and the NYC Marathon: Thinking Big and Scaling Up a Start-Up

Today, on Thirteen (TV, not online), I saw Run for Your Life, the documentary on Fred Lebow, the runner who dreamed big, lived what he loved to do, and created one of the most successful start-ups the City has ever seen: The New York City Marathon.

Most years, we head down to 4th Avenue, in Brooklyn, to watch the marathon, but I had never known its history or thought about what a huge task it must have been to get thousands of runners to cut a 26-mile path through all five boroughs – let alone to get permission and sponsors for it!

Try to see the film, if you can, whether or not you’re an entrepreneur … or a runner.  It will replay on Thirteen at 7:30 a.m. and midnight on Sunday, Nov. 6, 2011. (But don’t forget to set your DVR clock to fall back :o)

Music Break: Des Ark

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Music break: From a 2011 release by Des Ark, an intriguingly lush, raw, dissonant, harmonious, humorous, ferocious band from North Carolina.

June 22, 2011
by Dave McClintock

Women Over 40 – This Book’s for You: Get DARE From Here!

Get DARE From Here!My MBA classmate Liz DiMarco Weinmann just released her first book, Get DARE From Here! ($23.95, 330 pp.:

Soon after we started our MBA program at NYU, in 2007, Liz told me she was thinking of writing a book someday. She knew I’d been in book publishing/marketing for 15+ years at that point – and I knew she really would write that book (unlike most folks who consider writing a book – myself included!). 

Check it out and order copies for all the ladies in your life!  I’m ordering my own copy (and I don’t get any kickbacks – I’m just psyched for her!  🙂 

Here’s a snip from the description:

Get DARE From Here!(tm) is for all women over 40 who are fed up with being called cougars, cobras and crones, and who want instead to mash the myths, bash the biases and slam the stereotypes. The book is easy to follow, with energizing insights, ideas and exercises for developing a personal strategy, action plan, leadership profile and hopeful vision for an enduring legacy.

June 16, 2011
by Dave McClintock

New Experiment: Wearing My Special Occasion Shoes Every Day

Florsheim Cap Toe OxfordsIn 1996 or so, my newly wed bride and I were invited to my boss’s husband’s 50th birthday party.

We were excited. It was our first grown up party since our wedding, to be held in Ponte’s, a nice restaurant on Desbrosses, in Tribeca.

I got a haircut, a new shirt, and a pair of Florsheim oxfords. The memory stands out because those are things I rarely do. Two years earlier, I was in a post-punk band and roamed the East Village in a motorcycle jacket, black boots, and similar grungewear.

Then and now, I wear shoes until I get tired of wet socks on rainy days. When the most recent iteration of this ended – and I set aside some wingtips – I dug out the Florsheims. My special occasion shoes.

So, does it feel like every day is a … (sorry) … special occasion?

Yes! I’m enjoying the memory of that youthful evening. And I’m burning my reserves, knowing that I won’t have a nicer pair waiting in the wings when the next big night arrives.

If you use e-mail marketing, telemarketing, or direct mail, check out my roundup of four services (Jigsaw, InfoUSA, Hoover’s, and Sales Genie), “When You’re Hungry for Sales, Consider These Lead-Gen Tools.”

Here’s a snippet:

Using a mix of advanced online searching and old-fashioned elbow grease, sales-lead generators gather, cross-reference, clean, and deliver email, phone, and postal data, often matched with business intelligence, such as employee-growth rate, initial public offering history, office square footage, and salary information. Besides selecting targets by number of employees and industry, you often can aim within a radius of ZIP codes you designate.

Whether you want to shake out new contacts on your home turf, or cast a wider net, your dollars can buy you time to spend on the rest of your to-do list. Below, we survey four of these services, Jigsaw, InfoUSA, Hoover’s and Sales Genie.

March 3, 2011
by Dave McClintock

Here Comes the Sun – It’s Taking Initiative

Three friends just had babies, two nieces and an honorary nephew had birthdays, two friends dodged an earthquake, and a friend with a wife and two kids just landed a finance job after a long post-meltdown stretch. Let’s keep that sun coming.

Let’s keep it going. One friend just opened a new office for her practice, and one friend left a giant company to co-found his own company – and was pleasantly surprised to win the giant company as one of his first clients! And one friend’s long-time dream start-up was just funded by investors. Woo hoo! 

I have to go on: One friend switched from real estate to filmmaking and is writing/directing/starring  in his own movie; one friend is finishing a two-year career plan to go work in China; one genius songwriter friend is posting her own videos to YouTube; one genius technical author friend is self-publishing his fiction; one genius painter friend is on the wagon and creating some of his best work ever …

Boy, you can see a lot once you start looking :o) I’m getting a boost just reciting their accomplishments. Actually, it’s not so much about accomplishments or good luck or things or money – it’s the initiative they’re taking. (Gotta tip my hat to Seth Godin on that.)