Internet Permanence: Tattoo the Body Electronic


With apologies to Walt Whitman, I’m working on a presentation with the title of this post.

It’s not ready for prime-time, but I thought I’d share the video that sparked the analogy.

Not surprisingly, the inspiration was author and BoingBoing coeditor Cory Doctorow, in a Craphound post on sexting (embedded below).

Beyond the solid parenting advice he gives, he talks about getting kids to do what sociologists do – track ideas as they propagate through communities – in this case, to learn how ill-advised photos could be distributed far beyond a young person’s anticipation.

On the bright side – in terms of promoting good ideas, news, and causes – I ask, How can we use these techniques to identify and feed the networks that pass along worthy information?

So, if you’re a tattoo artist, making marks on the body electronic, What will you tattoo? What will your kids?

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